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We provide customer-focused efficient solutions for the complete electrical instrumentation and control (EIC) package, solve complex automation tasks and provide training, consultancy, project management and maintenance services at competitive prices.

Communication Systems

Accommodating data traffic generated by anticipated billions of users and trillions of digital devices necessitates continuous technological evolution. Our communication systems comprise of panels with standard networking technologies of profibus, field bus, ethernet, modbus on electrical, wireless and optical transmission. Get solutions that meet your industry's specific needs. We help governments, businesses, utility entities and oil & gas harness the best technologies and communication dynamics of their industry.

Control Panels

Standard and redundant control automation and remote IO panels with PLC and HMI. Humidity, pressure and temperatures are some of the variables that are easily controlled using these electronic control panels. These panels allow companies to save cost through reducing applicable output as well as controlling predictive behaviours.  

MCC Panels

Compartmentalised and non-compartmentalised MCC panels.
Each motor controller in a MCC can be specified with a range of options such as separate control transformers, pilot lamps, control switches, extra control terminal blocks, various types of thermal or solid-state overload protection relays, or various classes of power fuses or types of circuit breakers. A motor control centre can either be supplied ready for the customer to connect all field wiring, or it can be an engineered assembly with internal control and interlocking wiring to a central control terminal panel board or programmable controller.


Control desk panels with HMI/SCADA systematised MCC panels. Our portfolio of SCADA systems are suitable for highly customer-specific adaptation requirements and support international standards and platforms. They are redefining efficiency in factory automation as well in infrastructure applications.

Tanker Filling Station

Water dispensing solutions with installation and commissioning support. A permanent outlet is used to dispense water into a tanker or any other portable water vessel. We have tanker filling stations located across our service area catering for commercial use. We operate the filling station safely and in accordance with operating instructions. We ensure compliance with all relevant approvals and legislation related to carrying, supply and use of potable water sourced from a tanker filling station.

Software Services

Onsite and offshore PLC/SCADA/DCS software development. We find and develop software solutions with the aim of ensuring innovative and reliable performance applications. Software development for programmable logic controllers (PLC) and in the field of motion control takes place through collaboration with the main partners of industrial automation with the objective of ensuring the realised applications, high levels of performance, innovation and reliability.


A distributed control system (DCS) centralises plant operations to provide flexibility and simplicity by allowing central control, monitoring and reporting of individual components and processes. A control panel performs the automated function by dividing the task between different functional groups and microprocessors. These processors are managed by a single SCADA or interface. 

Failsafe ESD

With the development of fail-safe programming logic controllers, industrial automation has made a significant step forward with application of high-level safety and reliability. Failsafe ESD provides safety and reliability of highly sophisticated systems and machines such as railway crossings systems, robotic surgery systems, demining machines, management and control of airport traffic.

VFD Panels

Our VFDs which also include drive panels AC and DC, may be used for control of process temperature, pressure, or flow without the use of a separate controller. Suitable sensors and electronics are used to interface the driven equipment with VFD. This lowers maintenance costs, as lower operating speeds result in longer life for bearings and motors. The motor does not require a starter.

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